I was born in Paris in 1987. I was trained as a physicist at Lycée Saint-Louis, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Imperial College London, and Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris. My PhD at the Gulliver laboratory (ESPCI Paris) dealt with liquid crystals and their intricate behaviour on curved surfaces. By the end of my PhD, I had taken over 30,000 pictures through the microscope.


I was introduced to photography by my friend Michael Benzaquen. From the very beginning, traveling and photography have been closely related. At first, the aim was to reflect the natural beauty of the places I visited, mostly to show others how rewarding traveling the world can be. More recently, I started combining photography with my other passions while experimenting new techniques, especially in scuba diving and science. In this context, my PhD experience helped me go deeper in the understanding of optics and photography. As for the more recent Kyoto set of pictures, my goal was to reveal the different aspects of this fascinating city, full of contrast, where deeply anchored traditions are challenged by growing modernity.